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Experience ROI’s centuries-long history of healing and well-being at Rogaška Spa and Health centre, one of Europe’s oldest and most prominent health centres.

The Rogaška Spa and Health Centre has been a popular destination for emperors, high nobility and other VIPs since the 17th century. Those days started prescribing sparkling mineral water from Rogaška Slatina to high-profile Patients, thus ensuring a place for it in medical practice.

Among others, Rogaška hosted the Habsburg and the Bonaparte families, who revelled in its unique natural resources, superior service and unspoilt nature. Today Rogaška combines its rich tradition and the latest medical expertise into effective, tailor-made health programs and first-class relaxation.

In order to ensure a luxurious stay with first-rate service, book your stay at our own hotel, the Grand Hotel Sava, where well-being and indulgence go hand in hand.


  • 8.000 years agoThe estimated age of ROI water is some 8,000 years
  • 2nd Century ADRemains from Celts and Romans indicate the spring has been in use since ancient times
  • since 1304The archives of the parish church of St. Cross in Rogaška show some locals lived for a hundred years thanks to the mineral water ROI
  • 1579The first chemical analysis by Leonard Thurneysser
  • 1665Count Peter Zrinski recovered from jaundice by drinking ROI
  • 1685ROI got its first monograph Roitschocrene by Joannes Benedict Gründel, Europe’s only monograph about mineral water
  • 17th CenturyDoctors in Vienna start prescribing ROI to high-profile patients
  • 1869ROI is world’s third best selling water
  • 1908Rogaška springs are renovated
  • 2011Relaunch of the ROI brand