Legendary at the creation and still legendary. Pegasus, the mythological creature, is the creator of this invaluable spring.

Legend has it that Pegasus, instructed by Apollo, struck his hoof to the earth at Rogaška and opened up the Roitschocrene spring. What sprung forth was the world’s most magnesium-rich mineral water.


At that solemn moment, Apollo said the now famous words:

"Hereby lies the source of health and the true power of the gods.
Instead of Hippocrene, drink Roitschocrene from the spring in front of you."  

A wise suggestion to follow, coming from the god of healing, light and poetry.


The Rogaška Spa and Health Centre has been a popular destination for emperors, high nobility and other VIPs since the 17th century. Among others, Rogaška hosted the Habsburg, Bonaparte and many other royal families , who revelled in its unique natural resources, superior service and unspoiled nature. 


The healing qualities of the world’s most magnesium-rich mineral water, springing from the depths of Rogaška Slatina, have been known for centuries.

ROI was founded in 1647 and took inspiration from the water's unique, centuries-old history and the legend of Pegasus.