The Earth is the ultimate source of health and we are strongly committed to safeguarding its precious gifts. We are dedicated to protecting the source by looking after our territories, managing our resources sustainably and respecting our environment, with the ambitious goals of being carbon neutral by 2024.

Unlike other packaging materials that have been proven to leach harmful chemicals into your drink, glass is the only packaging material that is guaranteed to leave your drink and your body untouched

In our bottling plant, we do not use plastic bottles, only glass bottles. Glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable.

Glass is non-toxic and ocean safe. Glass bottles are made from sand and other natural ingredients, so they do not harm oceans or marine life.

In our plant, we pursue the efficient and sustainable management of water and other resources.

Preserving our terroir

ROI Roitschocrene mineral water emerges from its spring, in centuries old Spa Town Rogaška Slatina. During its 3400-year journey through the rock to get there, the water acquires the magnesium, calcium, sulphates, bicarbonates, all-important minerals for life. To safeguard this precious elixir of life, we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the source and its territory.

We will continue to adapt, change and innovate in an effort to make this planet a better one for future generations.