During the golden age of the ROI Rogaška Spa Resort, many of the European ruling families visited and enjoyed the genuine experience of the finest European water ROI.

The painting shows Franz Joseph I, Emperor Austro-Hungarian Empire
on his tour around Rogaska Spa Resort in 1883.

The painting shows arrival of Archduke John of Austria
in Rogaska Spa Resort in 1836.


House of Habsburg
Was one of the most important
royal houses of Europe


House of Liechtenstein
Is royal family from Liechtenstein


House of Bourbon
Is a European royal house of French origin


House of Bonaparte
Was an imperial and royal European dynasty founded by Napoleon in 1804


House of Hohenzollern
Is a noble family and royal dynasty of kings of Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany


House of Windisch-Graetz
Was a princely family in the Austrian Empire, serving the Habsburg dynasty


Rothschild family
Is a family of German Jewish bankers and one of the richest and powerful families